Many people on earth know that after death we will go to another world, but these other worlds are already present inside us on earth, otherwise we would be as inert as stone. And can we know the influence of these worlds on us? This is a brief overview of Bernard de Montreal's work through his lectures over 25 years of public life. Click on the book or material available for listening or downloading. The address to contact us is contact@diffusion-bdm-intl.com





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001 Doubt

002 Evil 

003 Guilt

005 Soul, ego and personality

006 The Astral plane

007 The bermudas triangle

008 Men in black

009 The invisible race 

010 The spirit  

012 Yeti Materialization

013 Divination

014 Questions and answers (thoughts)

015 AntiChrist

016 Form of revelation

017 The death of the old ego

018 Discernement

019 Centricity and Egocentricity

020 The new man

023 Being single or in couple

035 Karma - The law of return

036 Identity (The cornerstone of Man)

038 Madness (through astral influences)

061 The real man - Unique being

063 Death (Life after)

064 Vampirism of the unconscious man

067 Human Feeling 

066 The descent of the spirit

069 Mutual respect 

070 The science of intelligence

072 The symbol

074 Criticism

076 Man's occult principles

080 Survivirs and Instruction

084 The loneliness of initiation

091 The murder of man by the occult forces

095 The cosmic couple

106 Dealing with negative memories

110 The genesis of Superman

111 Beings at the centre of the earth

122 The losers

155 Mastering emotionality

253 The origin of thought 




Home meeting 

Lecture 1 (1 of 3) The laws of spirit

Lecture 1 (2 of 3) The laws of spirit

Lecture 1 (3 of 3) The laws of spirit


Lectures available on youtube, click on the link of your choice. 

002 Evil

003 Guilt

004 Worries 

005 Soul, ego and personnality   

006 The astral plane  



027 The esoteric sciences   

043 Solar initiation    

044 The Jealousy   








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